Laragen, Inc was founded in 1995 with the sole intention of making the highest quality DNA Sequencing and Genotyping laboratory in the industry. Our primary goals are to provide impeccable quality and fast turnaround times for your DNA sequencing and genotyping needs whether you work at an academic institution or for a private company.


We use Laragen’s sequencing service to provide sequences from microsatellite-enriched libraries. It’s important that the sequences be accurate because we inspect the scans to find microsatellites, and use them to design PCR primers around the microsatellites we find. It’s also important that the sequences be returned to us quickly so that we can pass the results on to our customers. We have been very satisfied on all counts: the scans are robust, making microsatellites easy to spot, 90% or more of the primers are successful, and we get the sequences back rapidly, always within 24 hours. We are very pleased with Laragen’s service.

Ken Jones, President/CEO, Genetic Identification Services

We are very pleased with the results from Laragen. Our research certainly has been sped up because of your services. We are happy to receive high quality genotyping services at such a reasonable rate.

Eisuke Koya, NIH

Laragen's sequencing service has been very good. They are very fast (next day) and the reads are quite reliable. Also, if you have any problems with the reads they usually re-run the samples the next day. I would highly recommend them.

Tommy Lewis, University of Southern California

We have been using the Laragen genotyping service for the last 5 years. We found that they provided very consistent service and great turnaround time.

Sylvia Chen, Ph.D. Buck Institute

I need to sequence DNA constructs frequently and Laragen provides affordable, accurate sequencing results the very next day. My research couldn't move fast without them.

Rudy Mora, PhD Candidate, University of Southern California

We are pleased with your DNA sequencing services. Customer services are good. We like that DNA samples are picked up on time and sequencing results are of high quality.

Jenny Wang, Lab Manager, University of California, Los Angeles

The sequences all look great. I just wish I found you earlier.

Kyung Lee, Ph. D. Neopharmus

I started using Laragen sequencing service about 8 years ago. I was distracted by promotions from some other companies a couple of times. Eventually I send all our sequencing services to Laragen and I am very happy with their service. I know Laragen is better.

Zhiwei Wang, Ph. D. University of California, Irvine


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